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Angers (France)

29 - 31 Oct 2018

Plant Epi Genetic

Symposium Plant epi/genetics: pre-schedule online

Plant Epi/genetics is an international conference on epigenetics and transposable elements which will be held in Angers from October 29-31, 2018.

Updated on 10/31/2018
Published on 05/14/2018

Plant Epi/genetics is an international conference on epigenetics and transposable elements. The aim of this conference is to bring together experts, novices, students and breeders to exchange and discuss their latest results in the fields of epigenetics and transposable elements. The conference will range from fundamental research to applications in crop plants. Plant breeding companies are encouraged to join in and participate in this meeting.

The main themes of the conference will be:

  • Epigenetic and genetic mechanisms involved in genome stability.
  • Transposable elements and plant genome evolution.
  • Heritability of epigenetic marks.
  • Regulation of phenotypic variability in plants by transposable elements and epigenetics
  • Harnessing epigenetics and transposable elements for crop breeding.
  • Novel sequencing technologies and bioinformatics tools for the analysis of epigenetic marks and transposable elements.

Keynote Speakers

  • Claude Becker
  • Testuji Kakutani
  • Marie Mirouze
  • Olivier Panaud
  • Bob Schmitz
  • Nathan Springer

See the pre-schedule: https://symposium.inra.fr/plantepigenetics2018/Pre-schedule

Early bird registration: June 15th, 2018

More information: https://symposium.inra.fr/plantepigenetics2018

Subscribe to news: https://symposium.inra.fr/plantepigenetics2018/Suscribe-to/news

Scientific contact(s):

Associated Division(s):
Plant Biology and Breeding
Associated Centre(s):
Pays de la Loire