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Etoiles de l’Europe Trophies 2014

Monique Axelos, Director of Research at INRA and head of the Science and Process Engineering of Agricultural Products Division (CEPIA), is the latest winner of the Etoiles de l’Europe (stars of Europe) trophies, awarded on 16 December 2014, for the European project DREAM.

Monique Axelos, winner of one of the Etoiles de l'Europe Trophies 2014. © INRA
Updated on 01/23/2015
Published on 01/17/2015

Following the Horizon 2020 Forum held on 16 December at the Quai Branly museum in Paris, Geneviève Fioraso, French Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, and Harlem Désir, European Affairs Secretary, handed out the Etoiles de l’Europe trophies.These awards recognise project coordinators and their teams for their commitment to Europe and networking efforts.

The DREAM project, coordinated by Monique Axelos, aimed to design realistic food production and IT models that could be used by researchers, particularly in the field of nutrition, and by the agri-food industry.

With regards to research, the goal was to provide standardised, reproducible foods that took into account the impact their structure and composition had on nutritional properties.For agri-food professionals, the objective was to provide a decision-making tool to assist the development of new prepared foods that met nutritional recommendations and health and safety requirements.
The project focused on four types of foods:fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, cabbage, apples), meat (pork, poultry), dairy products (milk-based desserts, cheeses) and cereal products (bread, biscuits, corn flakes).

DREAM (Design and development of REAlistic food Models with well-characterised micro- and macro-structure and composition) was a Seventh Framework Programme project coordinated by INRA.It was launched in May 2009 and brought together 18 private and public partners from nine different European countries.Its total cost was €8.6 million, of which €6 million was financed by the European Union.

Associated Division(s):
Science for Food and Bioproduct Engineering
Associated Centre(s):
Pays de la Loire

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The Etoiles de l’Europe trophy was created in 2013 by the French Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research to recognise research teams and their coordinator for their commitment to Europe and project coordination efforts.

These trophies are awarded to:

  • Research teams coordinated by a project initiator at a French research organisation which has won a European call for projects and carried out the project to term
  • Finished projects which submitted their final report between 1 July of the previous year and 30 July of the current year.

>>> see Etoiles de l'Europe website (French only)