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Etienne Bucher, winner of ERC Consolidator Grant

Etienne Bucher, an epigeneticist, arrived in 2014 at the Research Institute for Horticulture and Seeds (IRHS) in the framework of a ConnecTalent project and has just been awarded a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). With his project BUNGEE (Breeding using jumping genes), he has made a major technological breakthrough in plant breeding.

Etienne Bucher, UMR IRHS, Angers. © Université d'Angers, C. Paquereau
Updated on 12/27/2016
Published on 12/06/2016

Etienne Bucher, 42 years old, leads the EpiCenter team of the Research Institute for Horticulture and Seeds (IRHS), a Joint INRA-Agrocampus Ouest-University of Angers Research Unit.  He works on plant epigenetics and studies the mechanisms of heritability which are independent of the DNA sequence. Etienne is interested in the memory of plants, in particular the role of epigenetic modifications in controlling plant resistance and growth.

Etienne Bucher, head of the EpiCenter team at IRHS in Angers. © INRA, N. Mansion
Etienne Bucher, head of the EpiCenter team at IRHS in Angers © INRA, N. Mansion
More about Etienne
Etienne Bucher was born in Switzerland and earned a Master of Genetics at the University of Basel. He obtained his PhD in plant virology at Wageningen University (the Netherlands). During his first postdoctoral fellowship at the Gregor Mendel Institute in Vienna, he studied the role of epigenetics in controlling gene expression in plants. He continued a second postdoctoral fellowship on the same subject at the University of  Geneva. Etienne then returned to the University of Basel to set up his own research group on epigenetics. He won a ConnecTalent grant supported by the University of Angers and he joined the IRHS in September 2014.


ERC Consolidator Grant

The European Research Council (ERC) is a European Union institution responsible for coordinating research among European Union member states.

Each year, the ERC rewards innovative ideas and aims at supporting investigator-driven frontier research across all fields, on the basis of scientific excellence.

Associated Division(s):
Plant Biology and Breeding
Associated Centre(s):
Pays de la Loire