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Post-doctorant en épidémiologie - 18 mois

Une offre de post-doctorat est proposée par l'UMR BIOEPAR sur "Modelling the spread and control of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) in a heterogeneous and dynamic bovine metapopulation"

Cattle. © INRA
Mis à jour le 20/01/2015
Publié le 23/12/2014

Research Unit : UMR1300 BioEpAR (INRA/Oniris) http://nantes.inra.fr/bioepar/
with UR341 MIA-Jouy –> MaIAGE (1st Jan 2015) http://jouy.inra.fr/mia/

Full Address : Oniris Chantrerie, CS40706, F-44307, Nantes

Contact : Pauline EZANNO, pauline.ezanno@oniris-nantes.fr

Title of the proposal : Modelling the spread and control of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) in a heterogeneous and dynamic bovine metapopulation

Location :Oniris Chantrerie, Nantes, France

Expected starting date : 1st trimester 2015
Duration : 18 months
Salary : Basic gross salary around 2500 €/month (possibility to apply to Agreenskills)


Expected skills :

  • PhD in applied mathematics, physics, mathematical biology, computer or computational science, or in ecology or epidemiology
  • Experience in complex system modelling and biological data analyses
  • Significant computational/programming skills (C/C++, Perl/Python)
  • Interest in infectious diseases, epidemiology, ecology, interdisciplinary research
  • Strong organizational and written/oral communication skills
  • Be highly motivated towards scientific research


Proposal description : In a region, cattle farming systems are heterogeneous in size and production (dairy, beef), with various contacts among them (animal movements, neighboring contacts). This may impact disease spread and control at a regional scale. Hence, it is important to incorporate all such heterogeneities (in farms, contact structure) when studying pathogen spread at large scale.
The application will concern the spread of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV). The associated disease is one of the top enzootic cattle diseases in Europe in terms of economic losses for farmers. The control of BVDV spread is managed by farmers. However, collective control strategies have been implemented in some European regions by farmers’ organizations. The evaluation of the proposed strategies and of alternatives is expected in the field by animal health managers.
A multi-scale stochastic modelling approach will be used to represent such a complex biological system and to compare various control strategies. Existing models at the herd and at the regional scales will be coupled to represent a large range of real situations, especially to account for beef farming systems. Available longitudinal data on BVDV herd statuses in Brittany as well as data on cattle movements between herds will be used to calibrate and assess the regional model.

Subjects :  Multi-scale dynamical modelling; Integrated and sustainable management of animal health

Download : Post-doctoral position BVDV